Do Deaf People Dream Differently?

A study conducted with 14 individuals with hearing impairments reported some significant news in regard to how deaf people dream. According to the results, the participants reportedly gave no indication of their hearing impairment in approximately 80% of their dreams (per Medical News Today). These same participants stated they were often able to speak in their dreams, and a select few indicated they were able to either hear or understand spoken language.

Psychology Today reported on a similar study where approximately 86 hearing impaired individuals were asked to track various aspects of their dreams. This included sensory and emotional details to ensure researchers were gaining an accurate understanding of the subconscious state. Participants with congenital hearing loss, or those who had experienced hearing loss before the age of five, reported amplified color, vividness, and spatial depth in their dreams. Individuals with hearing loss often experience more lucid dreams and nightmares, and elevated emotions including hope and surprise, per Psychology Today.

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