Do dogs eat for free at In-N-Out? A viral TikTok video has people wondering

FRESNO, Calif. ( — A viral video on the social media platform TikTok is raising the eyebrows of pet lovers everywhere and begging the question, “Can dogs eat for free at In-N-Out?”

In a viral video with nearly 500,000 likes on TikTok, Daily Paws tells of a “secret dog menu” at fast-food giant In-N-Out.

“Next time you go through this fast-food restaurant all you have to do is ask for [a pup patty,]” says Daily Paws.

The viral video shows TikTok sensation and overall popular pupper Hige in line at the burger joint, and a lucky recipient of the pup patty. The treat is described as a “simple, unsalted, broiled hamburger.” But according to Daily Paws, the price can’t be beaten.

“The best thing about the secret dog menus is that they’re free,” says Daily Paws.

Is the pup patty a myth? Is there such thing as a free lunch (even if it’s for our furry friends?)

The answer is yes and no. We went to a local In-N-Out with “investigative pupporter” Appa, and he was — shall we say — hangry.

After waiting in line for the popular lunch spot we asked the friendly In-N-Out employee about the pup patty. Here’s what we found out —

The pup patty is indeed an unsalted patty, and it is purportedly only for good doggos, although we couldn’t confirm this with representatives from the hamburger chain. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, not even for Appa.

The pup patty will cost you $1.

Also questionable is the “secret” part of the secret dog menu. Our In-N-Out attendant told us that approximately 90% or four out of five patrons that make their way through the restaurant’s drive-thru line will order their furbaby the delicious treat.

That’s a lot of pup patties!

But what if your pupper always wants the best? What if an unsalted, broiled beef patty doesn’t quite match the high standards of your distinguished doggo? In-N-Out has a suggestion for that as well, and it’s not just for the dogs!

Enter the “Flying Dutchman.”

The Flying Dutchman is described as two patties stuck together with two melty slices of cheese. Our In-N-Out server told us that this burger is also a popular choice with the K9 crowd. It’s enough to make more than a dog’s mouth water. This treat is available for your dog’s favorite human as well!

Of course, the Flying Dutchman also comes with a heavier price tag, coming in at $2.10 for the treat.

You might want to bring some water for your fuzzy friend, as it will be good for a doggo who partakes in the pup patty or the Flying Dutchman to have something to wash down the burger.

‘Investigative pupporter’ Appa had nothing but nice things to say about the treat.

“Two paws up. More please,” said Appa via his translator, Gabe Salazar.

So now you know not only can your furry friend share a nice car ride with you, but he can also enjoy a burger from the same restaurant. Is there anywhere else with ‘secret’ dog menus?

Starbucks offers a popular pupper product. The ‘puppuccino’ is a nice treat for any doggo that needs a jolt to wake up in the morning. The ‘puppuccino’ is whipped cream in a small cup. It’s always fun to watch a lucky K9 slurp down a ‘puppuccino.’

Additionally, Dairy Queen offers a ‘pup cup,’ which is described as a bit of soft-served ice cream topped with a treat. You should definitely make sure that your doggo doesn’t have a problem with milk before getting him this one though.

Will you be picking up a pup patty for your best friend? How about a Flying Dutchman? Do you know of any other ‘secret’ dog menus at fast-food restaurants that we should know about? Email Gabe Salazar at for your suggestions!

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