Doctor responds to council after amputee denied Blue Badge

Ben Perry’s doctor was clearly unimpressed with the council’s rejection of his patient’s request to renew his car’s Blue Badge.

A doctor has issued a brutal take-down of a council officer who requested more evidence of his amputee patient’s need for a “blue badge”.

Ben Perry shared the email his doctor sent to the Worcestershire County Council, in England, on Twitter after it informed Mr Perry he didn’t qualify for a disability parking permit.

That was despite Mr Perry’s leg being amputated by a car that struck him in 2018 after he pulled over to help at the crash site of another vehicle.

He shared with followers on August 30 that his recent request to renew the disability parking permit for his car, which is called a Blue Badge in his area, was knocked back.

“I’ve recently tried to renew my Blue Badge but was told I didn’t qualify for one and to supply more evidence of my disability,” he wrote.

Mr Perry’s doctor came through with an exquisite letter in response to the council’s ridiculous request, which has since gone viral on Twitter.

“I was most surprised to be asked for a statement of fact regarding Ben’s disability. I can assure you that he has indeed had a traumatic amputation of his right lower leg in a road traffic accident,” the letter read.

“This has left him severely debilitated with chronic phantom limb syndrome and perpetual pain in his stump, which on some days allows him to be independently mobile, and other days leaves him unable to walk independently.

“I would be grateful if you could take this into account when dealing with his requests for Blue Badges in the future.

“It is of course unlikely that this situation will change unless medical science allows us to regrow a new leg for him.”

Mr Perry’s call for Twitter users to “show some appreciation for this legend” was well and truly answered, with more than 100,000 people “liking” the tweet and over 1000 replying.

“OMG priceless! That doctor needs a massive hi-five,” one person responded.

“What a legend but makes me sick when other people get them for a lot less,” another wrote.

A third said it was “shameful” that such a request was made in the first place.

“Appreciation for your wonderful doctor well deserved, but how shameful that this should have been necessary,” they wrote.

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