Doctor reveals five signs that will help you spot ‘controlling’ people

A doctor has revealed that there are signs to look out for to know if someone has controlling tendencies.

Dr Kirren Schnack, a clinical psychologist, shared the video to her TikTok account, drkirren, where it has gone viral – being viewed more than a million times.

The expert uses her TikTok account to highlight how different mental health issues affect people as well as how to spot toxic behaviours in others which can affect your mental health.

In one video, Dr Kirren – who has has worked as a psychologist for more than 18 year – demonstrates how to spot controlling behaviour tendencies, particularly in parents or relationships.

These include people who have rigid expectations of how you should behave

She captioned the clip: “Who has controlled you, a colleague, friend, parent, partner?”

Whilst it is normal to want control in your life, it can sometimes manifest in ways which negatively affects others.

Dr Kirren said: “Here are five signs that someone is controlling.

“They are touchy and easily triggered when you don’t do things their way.

“They closely watch and comment on minor details when you are doing things.

“They have very rigid expectations of how you should behave.

“They react negatively and disproportionately when they cannot make you do things the way they want you to do it.

“They perceive you to have many faults, but don’t recognise their own shortcomings.”

In the comments, Dr Kirren also added: “People with controlling behaviours will usually show this across a range of situations.”

Many people said in the comments section that they were thankful that Dr Kirren had made this video as it opened their eyes to their own controlling behaviours, as well as spotting them in others.

One user quipped: “Well that’s my marriage over.”

While person commented: “I’m a controlling person. This is exactly me.”

A third social media replied: “OMG I know someone exactly like this, so I cut down any discussion with him, especially about me. He is always negative when it comes to my stuff.”

Some weren’t so sure on the signs though.

One user said: “Ok so a couple of these literally sound like someone trying to be helpful, the ones where you get upset is abnormal.”

While user commented: “Not recognising their shortcomings is the only one I agree with, the others are just parenting.”

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