Doctor uninvited from best friend’s wedding over Covid fears

A woman has revealed the shock reason she was uninvited from her best friend’s wedding in a TikTok video that has now gone viral.

A woman has revealed she was uninvited from her best friend’s wedding because she is a doctor who “takes care of sick people”.

Emily Long, a plastic surgery resident at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was due to fly to Texas over the weekend following a 20-hour shift at work.

The doctor, who is currently on ICU rotation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said she had messaged her friend yesterday morning to let her know she had been tested and was clear to attend the wedding.

However, she received an unexpected reply from the bride.

“When I texted her (this morning) to let her know I was being tested and taking all these precautions in an attempt to make her feel comfortable, she totally freaked out when she found I take care of sick people,” Emily claimed in a now viral TikTok video.

“Who would have thought a doctor takes care of sick people. So I was uninvited because I made a lot of people and her feel uncomfortable.”

Emily said she “spent thousands of dollars” to attend her wedding and took off annual leave which is very limited at the moment given her line of work.

The doctor’s clip has since been viewed 4 million times with thousands of people bombarding her post with messages of support.

“Hold up, she’s having a wedding? But she’s worried about you? What on earth,” one person wrote.

“Best friend more like ex friend,” a second person said.

“She is having big wedding and then is worried about you? Oh no honey,” a third added.

Others made reference to the wedding being held in Texas where there currently is no mask mandate.

“But she’s having a WEDDING in TEXAS. How nervous can she really be,” one TikTok user asked.

In Florida, 16,457 people are hospitalised with Covid, the most of any state, followed by Texas, according to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the NY Timesreports.

In the comments section, Emily revealed she returned two negative PCR tests “and the knowledge that I would NEVER put anyone I care about at risk”.

She also shared a follow-up video thanking everyone for the thousands of invites to “hang” with her in Texas.

But she explained she cancelled her flight and will head to Texas another time.

“I am in Boston. I decided to cancel the flight and take the flight credit, so I will come to Texas at some point, but today I am working because I have a commitment to my job, my patients and my program,” Emily said.

“I had asked a huge favour to take off this weekend because I am rotating with the ICU AND ICU rotations you have two to three calls, so every third day you’re on call.

“So it was a huge ask for me to be able to go to this event and it was going to cost me $US2800 ($A3800) for someone to cover my shift, not to mention the email chains of trying to find someone to do it.”

A separate clip Emily shared claims the bride and bridesmaid left “aggressive” comments on her posts.

“Clearly there was miscommunication or misunderstanding of my good intentions of taking extra (but not required precautions, should someone in the group need them),” she said.

“And neither vaccines nor testing of other bridesmaid was required to attend.”

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