Doctor uninvited from best friend’s wedding she’d spent ‘thousands’ on because of job

A doctor who had spent “thousands” to attend her best friend’s wedding was suddenly told she could no longer go – because of her job.

Emily Long, a plastic surgery resident at Harvard University in Massachusetts, was scheduled to fly to Texas over the weekend straight after a 20-hour shift at work.

Due to the Covid pandemic, she had been drafted into the ICU but texted the bride that she had had a negative text before flying out.

But she received an unexpected reply.

“Tomorrow I was supposed to fly out straight from a 20-hour shift to attend one of my best friend’s wedding events that I spent thousands of dollars on and took my vacation time off – which is very limited – to attend,” Emily, who also has an Instagram page, revealed in her TikTok video.

Emily said she had spent ‘thousands’ on making the trip
(Image: TIKTOK/@dr.ems)

“When I texted her (this morning) to let her know I was being tested and taking all these precautions in an attempt to make her feel comfortable, she totally freaked out when she found I take care of sick people.

“Who would have thought a doctor takes care of sick people. So I was uninvited because I made a lot of people and her feel uncomfortable.”

Emily’s video has since gone viral with more than 4 million views and thousands offered their support to her in the comments section.

A stock image of a couple getting married
A stock image of a couple getting married
(Image: GETTY)

“Best friend more like ex friend,” one wrote.

Another commented: “She is having a big wedding and then is worried about you? Oh no honey.”

And others pointed out the relaxed Covid rules in Texas, where face masks are not mandatory.

“But she’s having a wedding in Texas, how nervous can she really be,” one TikTok user asked.

Texas has had the second-most coronavirus cases among all US states, with 3,592,085 and recorded 62 deaths yesterday (August 30).

Florida is the third with 3,277,374 but registered no deaths yesterday.

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