Doctor Who Season 13 Gets A Release Date And A Subtitle

Last night, the Doctor Who social media accounts went down, causing fans to wonder if the BBC was going to relaunch them along with a major announcement about the incoming season 13. And they were right. The show’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts all went back online this Saturday and they came with news on the new season’s release date – including the reveal of its official subtitle. Get ready for Doctor Who: Flux.

The news also came with this short new promo in which Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord speaks directly to us from inside her TARDIS, with companions Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (Kevin Bishop) behind her. Through interference, the Doctor manages to warn us that “the Flux is coming” and that it’s bringing two of her deadliest foes with it – namely, the Sontarans and the Weeping Angels – as well as a brand-new race known as the Ravagers.

“This is the fight of our lives,” the Doctor tells us. “It’s coming. Be ready.”

What’s more, a glossy new promo image highlighting Whittaker’s heroine also dropped, which brought the confirmation of the season’s subtitle. “The Doctor returns for her biggest adventure yet,” reads the caption to the poster. “Doctor Who returns on 31st December.”

Due to COVID-related reasons, season 13 won’t be as long as usual, only clocking in at six episodes, but showrunner Chris Chibnall has turned the production limitation into a creative challenge, crafting the season into one multi-part, interconnected story, a rarity for this series.

It’s also pretty surprising just how close the premiere is. We usually find out the release date for the latest run of the show earlier than just three weeks away – fans have been agonizing over the long wait for updates for months – but the good news is that the wait is almost over. It’s not a trick, a new season of Doctor Who is our Halloween treat this year.

Don’t miss Doctor Who: Flux when it kicks off on Sunday, October 31st.


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