Doctors find 1kg of nails and screws in man’s stomach after he quit boozing

Doctors have removed more than a kilogram of nails, screws and other metal objects from a man’s stomach after he decided to quit drinking alcohol.

The man, who will remain anonymous due to patient confidentiality, was admitted to a hospital in the Baltic port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania, with abdominal pain.

The man admitted he had started swallowing metal pieces after he stopped drinking.

And an X-ray of his stomach showed some of those pieces measured more than 10cm (4in), according to hospital officials.

Surgeon Sarunas Dailidena said: “During the three-hour operation with X-ray control, all foreign bodies, even the smallest ones, in the patient’s stomach were removed.”

Full Frame Shot Of Metallic Structure

The hospital issued a photo of the surgical tray heaped with the nails and screws removed from his stomach, according to the Guardian.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” Algirdas Slepavicius, head surgeon at Klaipeda Hospital, told local media.

The doctor said that the man had begun swallowing the metal objects over the last month after he had stopped drinking.

Stock image of a man suffering from stomach pains
Stock image of a man suffering from stomach pains

The patient was in a stable condition following the operation, he added.

It comes after another man was also left needing surgery after putting six kidney beans inside his penis as part of a sex experiment.

The 30 -year-old man hoped the beans would shoot out of his penis during ejaculation – but they got ‘stuck’ in his urethra.

He even tried using tweezers to remove them himself but he was left needing urgent surgery.

Doctors have also been left baffled by a ‘medical mystery’ after a 15-year-old girl cried stone tears in Northern India.

Photo taken in Finale Ligure, Italy Many Old Screws Rusty.

For the last two months, the young girls family claim she has cried 10 to 15 stones out of her left eye.

In 2014, the Mail Online reported on Saadiya Saleh, 12, from Yemen, had suffered from a similar condition.

But health professionals say the bizarre affliction is not medically possible.

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