Doctor’s scented candle warning after woman wakes up with black nostrils

A doctor has warned people not to overuse scented candles and says the festive decor can have “dangerous” side effects.

In a TikTok video, the verified medic @lifeofadoctor explains a viral clip of a woman freaking out after discovering the inside of her nostrils turned black when she fell asleep next to her scented candle.

The doctor says: “OK I’m going to teach you guys why burning scented candles for too long can be dangerous.

“That black substance is actually called soot and it’s a substance that gets produced when you burn candles for too long over the stated time.

The physician was responding to this viral video

“What makes this dangerous is that it gets into your lungs and causes damage.

“Always remember to put out your scented candles and don’t let them burn for too long.”

The physician, who is on Instagram as @doctorfayez, also shows an up-close view of the warning label on the bottom of a scented candle that cautions against using the product for more than three hours at a time.

The doctor says the soot also ends up in your lungs
The doctor says the soot also ends up in your lungs

His video has been “liked” more than 280,000 times and many people were gobsmacked after not knowing how dangerous leaving candles burning was.

One viewer commented: “Adulthood is really just finding new things I’m failing at every day huh?”

“Me running to turn off the candles I’ve had on for six hours,” joked someone else.

A third user said: “Not to mention candles left burning are the number one cause of house fires.”

Meanwhile, others thought the safety message was common sense and pointed out candles can also be deadly in other ways.

A user warned: “Never leave a candle unattended – I know someone whose whole burned down after leaving a scented candle burning.”

“Not to mention candles left burning being the number one cause of home fires,” another said.

Defying the doc, someone else joked: “I drink sodas that are two ingredients short of gasoline. I’ll risk it.”


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