Does Derek Xiao Go Home on ‘Big Brother’ Season 23?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 23 of Big Brother.

In Season 23 of Big Brother, one clear favorite has been Derek Xiao. In fact, current Head of Household (HOH) Sarah Beth Steagall even acknowledged in her plans to get rid of him that she’d be kicking off a beloved competitor. But this show doesn’t really care about favorite — and, sometimes, the more cutthroat your game is, the more you’ll come out on top, even if you’re not the most well-liked by fans.

After Xavier Prather pulled off a massive veto win, he was removed from the block — to be promptly replaced by Derek X., just as Sarah Beth wanted. Although he stands alongside Claire Rehfuss, he firmly believes he’ll be the one to go home. But is Derek X. right? Or is Claire destined to be the next eviction? Here’s why it’s not as clear as we initially thought.

Will Derek X. go home?

Although Derek X. is sure he’s heading to jury, betting odds actually favor Claire as the next eviction — and for good reason. On paper, it looks simple. Sarah Beth is HOH, she wants Derek X. gone, Derek X. isn’t protected by any major alliance like the Cookout, and therefore Derek X. is going home. But, as all things Big Brother are, the reality is way more complicated.

If Derek X. sticks around another week, he’s likely going to have Tiffany Mitchell to thank. According to the live feeds, Derek X. and Tiffany had a chat that made her realize that she’s made a lot of sacrifices for the Cookout, ones that the men of the Cookout haven’t had to make. She attempted to confront Xavier and Derek Frazier in the kitchen and was essentially forced to stand down — or so it would seem. Tiffany admitted in a confessional that she was going to help Derek X. stick around.

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However, she’s keeping her guard up and trying not to let the Cookout know about her plans. But thanks to her help, it looks like Derek X. is pretty much guaranteed votes from Hannah Chaddha and Azah Awasum, as well as herself. That makes three votes for Derek X. to stay. But he needs four.

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He might just get that fourth from Kyland, which is surprising because it was his idea to backdoor Derek X. After his talk with Tiffany and some other conversations with Derek X., Kyland talked to Sarah Beth about targeting Claire instead, which did not go over well. Considering Sarah Beth believes that Kyland is one of her biggest allies in the house, if he votes to keep Derek X. and she wants to keep Claire, their relationship would likely be in danger for the remainder of the season.

Veto competition

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Who will be Derek X.’s fourth vote?

Right now, it looks possible that Tiffany, Azah, Hannah, and Kyland will save Derek X. But will Kyland change his mind and turn the tides? Derek F. has admitted to wanting to keep Derek X., but he’s also said he intends to vote with Kyland and Xavier. But what if those two are split?

Xavier isn’t a fan of Derek X., but Xavier’s veto win also got him stuck in 24 hours of isolation. That means he can’t talk to Kyland or Derek F. about how he wants to vote during a very critical time. Derek F. and Kyland may end up deciding to keep Derek X. while Xavier isn’t around to steer them in the other direction.

Alyssa Lopez could, of course, swoop in to be the final fourth vote if Xavier, Derek F., and Kyland all vote to get rid of Derek X. But considering Alyssa also isn’t a fan of Derek X., that seems more unlikely. Right now, it looks like it’s up to Kyland and Derek F. to save Derek X.

To see how it all plays out, catch Big Brother Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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