Does Doctor Strange Still Have the Time Stone? ‘No Way Home’ Trailer Clue

Doctor Strange’s uncharacteristic behavior has spawned some fun theories — mainly that either an imposter is pretending to be Doctor Strange or that he’s a variant from another timeline. It’s a bit too mischievous of him to just agree to make a major universal change just to make Peter Parker’s life a bit easier, so some rumors started that maybe an imposter is pretending to be Doctor Strange.

Whether this imposter is Mephisto or Loki or someone else that can use similar powers, it would make sense for them to not realize that maybe Doctor Strange has no use for the Eye of Agamotto anymore.

Now, if Doctor Strange is actually a variant of himself, that’s a theory that would mean that he does potentially have a Time Stone. Plus, with the fourth episode of What If…? centering around a different Doctor Strange, one without a “heart,” the multiverse is wide open.

Now that we know there is a potential multiversal war on the horizon and an infinite number of variants, Doctor Strange could be anyone. Could What If…? introduce us to the more chaotic Doctor Strange we meet in No Way Home?

New episodes of What If…? drop every Wednesday on Disney Plus, and Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to release on Dec. 17, 2021.


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