Does ‘Great British Bake Off’ Star Paul Hollywood Wear Colored Contacts?

Great British Bake Off brings comfort to millions the world over. Its stalwart host Paul Hollywood is known for his dessert knowledge and steely blue gaze. Some fans of the show think his eyes may not be natural. Does Hollywood wear colored contacts to achieve his famous frosty blue eyes? Here’s what we know.

Bake Off Update

The Great British Bake Off is in the midst of a period of great stability. Hollywood, Prue Leith, and Noel Fielding have been regulars since 2017, and Matt Lucas is now in his second season. The beloved baking show just started its twelfth series, a challenge in the midst of COVID-19.

Hollywood is a striking individual. His eye-catching white hair frames his face and puts emphasis on his eyes. They’re a piercing blue, but almost look grey or green at times. They’re as much his signature as an unbuttoned top button and are reminiscent of another famous Paul: Paul Newman. Some fans are wondering, are they too blue to be real?

All Natural

Fret not fans of legitimate eye colors, for Hollywood is setting the record straight. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Hollywood’s co-host Leith joked about how press circuits usually operate: “the first question is always, ‘Are Paul Hollywood’s eyes real?” After a laugh, she added, “I’m tempted to say, ‘Sometimes he puts in his blue lenses, sometimes he puts in his brown ones.’”

The eyes are not lenses however, they’re all Hollywood. He inherited them from his grandfather. One of Hollywood’s grandparents, Norman Haman, served in the Army during WWII. He even saw action in Tunisia. There’s no word on if he’s the grandfather in question.

A  Very Busy Man

Hollywood has an excellent gig with Bake Off, and it allowed him to build an empire of sorts. On top of his numerous cookbooks, the notorious has allowed him to tour the world. He presented Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip in 2017, the same year he became a judge on The Great American Baking Show

The future of the American spin-off remains in limbo thanks to COVID-19. Meanwhile, Hollywood found the time to create Paul Hollywood Eats Japan, a special for Channel 4 that completed shooting just before the pandemic started.

Famous Show For Famous Poeple

Bake Off has some seriously famous fans. Dwayne Johnson once told the Dialy Star, “I would do Celebrity Bake Off if I wasn’t shooting a movie – especially if it was for charity.” He loves baking. Another fan is Friends star, David Schwimmer. He loves how quintessentially un-American the show feels. Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift, and Lorde are all big fans as well.


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