Does Hugh Jackman Have Skin Cancer?

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Hugh Jackman is in the midst of a skin cancer scare and recently underwent a biopsy on his face. The results of his test are in.

Hugh Jackman Gives An Update

Last week, Jackman took to Instagram to update his fans on a skin irregularity. He wore a small bandage on the bridge of his nose and said his dermatologist was doing a biopsy. He urged his followers to get checked and wear sunscreen.

The results of his test have come in. They are inconclusive. Jackman explained that the doctor did not take a large enough test because he’s about to start filming.

Jackman says, “They’re not that worried. What did come back makes them not worry. If anything it’s a Basal Cell Carcinoma which is non-threatening.” He once again asked folks to wear sunscreen and get their skin checked. The Prestige star added that he’ll get another biopsy in two months once filming has concluded. Jackman is thankful for the support from the world.

What’s He Filming?

Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have been New York-based for the entire pandemic. Jackman was supposed to star in a Broadway revival of The Music Man opposite Hell or High Water star Sutton Foster. The show’s still on, but its debut has been delayed to December 20.

Meanwhile, Jackman’s staying extremely busy. His next project is probably The Son. It’s the follow-up to Florian Zeller’s Academy Award-winning film The Father, and Jackman stars opposite Laura Dern and Vanessa Kirby.

Jackman’s also going to play the titular role in Apostle Paul and Enzo Ferrari, but those will likely have to wait until The Music Man wraps up. Jackman does not seem too worried about this minor cancer scare, so there’s no reason to think these projects would get canceled.

What Is BCC?

Basal Cell Carcinoma is a common form of skin cancer typically found on the head and neck. They’re caused by extended exposure to UV radiation from the sun, so wearing sunscreen is an effective method of prevention. The biggest risk with BCC is its ability to recur, and it increases the likelihood of developing other cancers. Jackman’s had BCC multiple times over the years and has long urged fans to wear sunscreen.

There are numerous ways of treating BCC, some as mild as a topical cream and some as major as surgery, all intended to kill the cancer cells. You’ll be able to see Jackman in Reminiscence, coming to theaters on August 20.

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