Does Jeremy Roloff Work After Leaving The Show? Fans Ask Him To “Get A Job”

In the last few years, a majority of Roloff kids have left the TLC show that made them popular. While Molly maintains a private life, Jacob and Jeremy still have a huge social media presence. In fact, their respective spouses are also popular and earn quite a lot through social media. However, do these LPBW alums have a job after they left the show? Fans are curious to know how they afford a living. Hence, here’s all you need to know about the same.

Little People Big World: Does Jeremy Roloff Have A Job? How Does He EArn For His Family?

For long, fans have been following the Roloff kids even though most of them have left the show. As of today, they have a huge social media following while their spouses are even more popular. However, do any of them have jobs? Well, Jacob does have a job, even though it’s is not openly disclosed. Apparently, as TV Season Spoilers previously revealed, he could be working for a farm that legally produces Marijuana and hemp. On the other hand, Jeremy does not have a proper job.

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But, he does run several businesses with his wife, which are the main source of income for their family. The primary business that the LPBW couple focuses on is Beating50percent, through which Jeremy and Audrey provide marriage counseling to various couples. Moreover, this venture also sells marriage journals that seem to be pretty popular for them. The couple runs also runs a podcast channel and have sold several best-selling books in the past.

Little People Big World: “Get A Job” Fans Urge Jeremy To Start Working!

Even though the businesses seem to be earning pretty well for the couple, Jeremy seems to have a lot of time on his hands as per his social media presence. The TLC star often showcases his various hobbies online, and fans end up thinking whether he works for his business at all. Lately, some of his hobbies have been pretty over-the-top, including flying a plane, buying a boat, building a sandbox, etc. Hence, LPBW fans think that Jeremy should do something serious in life.

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On top of everything, Jeremy recently showed some interest in starting a YouTube channel. Almost immediately, Redditors started to suggest that the former TLC star should do a “real job.” Some of the comments blatantly say, “Get a job punk,” calling out that Roloff needs to do some serious work. Well, a large number of followers support Jeremy and Audrey’s businesses and have been buying their products as well. Hence, the two of them do have a stable source of earning. Yet, people think that it might not be able to secure their future.

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Besides, the couple has also been thinking to buy their dream house which will likely cost them a whole lot of money. Recently, they checked out a massive 100-year-old farmhouse that costs $1M. What do you think about Jeremy’s profession and his professional attitude? Share your opinions in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for more updates.


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