Does Maeve Go to the United States on ‘Sex Education’? Details

Maeve finally decides in the Season 3 finale to go to America for the gifted and talented program. But all is not lost. She isn’t gone forever and she promises Otis that it isn’t a goodbye.

Instead, she says, it’s a “see you soon.” Why are they so cute? Otis even tells her how proud of her he is.

Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn told Glamour that, no matter what, Maeve and Otis have respect and affection for each other.

“No matter what happens for them in the future, they’ve got that real grounding of respect and friendship underneath it, and it was really nice to kind of get them back to that place because it’s been a bit tumultuous,” she said.

What does that mean for their future, especially with Maeve in the U.S. for a few months? Probably more of the will they, won’t they when she gets back.


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