Does Morgan Die in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? Season 7 Preview

In the Season 6 finale, after Morgan and fellow survivor Grace (Karen David) realize they can’t stop Teddy’s missile, they confess their feelings for one another. And they prepare to end their lives rather than face the fallout of a nuclear apocalypse. But then they hear the wail of a baby, and they find Rachel’s daughter — also named Morgan — just before a warhead detonates nearby. Morgan and Grace take cover with the infant Morgan, and the trio survives the blast.

And in a first look from Season 7, Morgan and Grace are living aboard the USS Pennsylvania submarine, trying to care for the tot.

“Before [they] heard the baby crying, Grace and Morgan were ready to not face the aftereffects of the bomb,” Lennie told TV Insider. “As far as Morgan’s concerned, I don’t think he feels he has any other choice but to invest in hope and some kind of future.”

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