Does Pieper James Regret ‘BIP’ Drama After Fallout?

Bachelor in Paradise has been filled with drama and accusations of being there for the wrong reasons. Fans came down hard on Brendan Morais and Pieper James after they were accused of being on the show for clout. In fact, they not only seemed to want more social media followers, but they also were dating before going on the show. Pieper even thanked Brendan for “playing the game.” So, with all the fallout happening does Pieper have any regrets?

Does Pieper James have any regrets?

Pieper spoke out to US Weekly about if she does or does not have regrets. Shockingly she said she doesn’t. Pieper said, “I don’t think I have any regrets.” She continued, “It is what it is, and it happened. I honestly try not to live with regrets. What happened, happened, and I’ll deal with whatever happens next.”

Fans believe Brendan and Pieper schemed to meet up in Paradise. When she made her entrance she headed straight for him and asked him on a date. He then dumped Natasha Parker who was not expecting any of that. Pieper denies that she and Brendan planned to meet up on the beach.

She said, “I was shocked to see everyone there, including him, including every relationship that was happening.” Pieper continued, “As new as it was to the viewers was as new as it was to me. … Beforehand, Brendan and I obviously had been talking, but it wasn’t a serious relationship. As we both said on the show, we didn’t have a plan. I have so much going on I couldn’t have put that together. But obviously, I liked him and I was excited to see him, but that was the extent of it.”

Brendan Morais and Pieper James

They are suffering the consequences

Both Brendan and Pieper are suffering the consequences of their actions. After cameras caught them discussing how many followers they gained on Instagram, things started to go south fast. Following the hurt they both inflicted on Natasha and admitting they were seeing each other, both lost thousands of followers.

In fact, while Brendan and Pieper both lost thousands, Natasha gained many more thousands. Brendan went to Instagram to apologize for his actions and for hurting Natasha. Pieper said she wants to make amends with Natasha as well. She said, “I did say that I’m sorry to Natasha. I really hope to get the chance to talk to her in person. I know healing takes time and I completely respect that.”

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