Does the Dog Die in Netflix’s Aftermath? Odi’s Fate Revealed

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Aftermath*

Aftermath is the new entry into Netflix’s horror category that stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as a young couple who move into a new house with a troubled past.

Due to audiences’ relentless concern for every dog in horror films, fans are eager to know if Aftermath’s canine Odi survives the harrowing events of the film, and we’ve also covered a brief but much-needed explanation of the film’s ending.

Aftermath | Trailer | Netflix



Aftermath | Trailer | Netflix





Does Odi Die in Aftermath?

  • Unfortunately, Odi does die in Netflix’s horror, which is not the outcome any dog-lover wants to hear.

After a series of bizarre events continue to build in the couple’s new house, including unexplained, middle-of-the-night-attacks and Natalie’s disappearing sister Dani, Odi sadly has to be put down after ingesting poison.

Odi is poisoned along with its owner Kevin, and Claudia’s husband Robert is the suspected culprit, after he was displeased with Claudia selling the house to the couple. 

Odi acted as the good dog in every horror film, who relentlessly barked at empty spaces or closets, alerting the audience more than the owners that something is definitely wrong.


Aftermath Ending Explained

In a final twist, reminiscent of the classic horror film Black Christmas, it is revealed that there has been someone living in Kevin and Natalie’s house.

A pale man named Otto ends up holding Natalie captive in a secret room, while Kevin is with his study partner. It is revealed that Otto was having an affair with Erin, the designer of the house, behind her husband’s back, and the hidden room was built so that they could continue their affair in secret. The fact that Erin chose to remain with her husband drove Otto mad and he eventually killed them both, which ties into the film’s opening scene.

The ending also confirmed that it was Otto who kidnapped Dani and caused Odi’s death by poisoning the pup, however the couple end up with a new dog by the conclusion.

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