Does Tokyo Die in ‘Money Heist’ Part 5, Volume 1? SPOILERS

SPOILER Alert: This article contains major spoilers from Volume 1 of Money Heist Part 5.

After two major and ambitious robbery plans, Money Heist is set to wrap up with Part 5. The Netflix drama centers around a group of thieves led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte) who initially take hostages and aim to steal hundreds of millions in cash at the Royal Mint of Spain.

In Parts 3 and 4, several of the original criminals are joined by a few new faces as they attempt to take gold from the Bank of Spain in order to free one of their own from the clutches of Europol.

Though the drama is winding down, the robbers are far from safe. In the first volume of the final part, which debuted on the streamer on Sept. 3, our unreliable narrator, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), finds herself in danger yet again.

Does Tokyo die in Money Heist? Read on to find out the character’s fate.

Does Tokyo die in ‘Money Heist’? SPOILERS.

The polarizing character (real name Silene Oliveira) has cheated death several times throughout the show’s run, but it appears as if her lucky streak has come to an end in the newest set of episodes.

In the fifth and final episode of Part 5, Volume 1, which is entitled “Live Many Lives,” Tokyo confronts the Spanish Armed Forces and César Gandía (José Manuel Poga). As viewers will remember, Gandía, the Bank of Spain head-of-security-turned-hostage, had previously held Tokyo captive in the panic room in Part 4.

At the end of Volume 1, Tokyo has been shot several times, and it’s clear that her bulletproof vest isn’t going to be enough to keep her safe. After the shooting ends, Gandía and the other soldiers approach her.

The show’s narrator then offers insight into her thought process.

“Growing old in a prison cell isn’t for me. I’d rather be on the run,” she says in the English translation. “And if I can’t run with my body, at least let my soul be free.”

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Gandía aims his gun at Tokyo’s face, and she opens her hand to reveal that she pulled the pin out of the grenade on her chest. She winks at the villainous guard, and he then shouts at the others to get out of the vicinity.

The explosion then goes off from the bombs on Tokyo’s chest, and the episode concludes with the implication that at least Tokyo and Gandía died. Though the moment is heartbreaking for many longtime fans of the series, Tokyo at least got revenge on Gandía by taking him down with her.

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