Does Tokyo die in Money Heist season 5?

MONEY Heist had fans anxiously waiting for season five to finally be released after season four ended on a cliff-hanger.

Netflix’s popular Spanish thriller is finally coming to an end with part one of season five being released uncovering more betrayal and surprises than ever.

Does Tokyo die in Money Heist season 5?

In the last episode of season five, Tokyo and the crew are involved in a heated battle against the Spanish army.

Although Tokyo ended up wounded after getting shot five times she manages to have the last laugh.

The army begins to surround the gang, which forces them to make an escape through a dumbwaiter in the bank’s kitchen.

As a surprise to the crew, Tokyo decides against going down the six-storey dumb waiter.

Instead, she decides to fight the battle alone, allowing her crewmates time to escape.

She ends up being shot one final time, but in her final moments before dying pulls a pin on her grenade belt which creates a huge explosion, dramatically killing the army of soldiers and Gandia.

Alicia is expecting to give birth to her child soon


Alicia is expecting to give birth to her child soonCredit: Alamy

What happens to the rest of the team?

Following on from the ending of season four, Alicia captures the professor and says the only reason she doesn’t decide to kill him is because she doesn’t want to go to jail when she is expecting to give birth to her child soon.

The professor then faces off against Sierra, leaving the heist gang without a master escape plan.

Tamayo raises the stakes by requesting the army to close in on them.

Arturo sees this as the perfect opportunity to fight back as he has a personal vengeance.

He hijacks the weaponry from the team and wages war against them within the bank.

Sierra is surprised with a betrayal whilst Palermo gathers the troops as the army begins to close in on the gang.

Meanwhile, Helsinki’s life is in danger as he’s caught in the middle of the explosion, severely injuring him.

What does the ending of part 1 mean for part 2?

As Tokyo is now dead this will have a huge impact on the gang for part two as they will continue with the heist and fight against the army.

What will happen now the main narrator Tokyo is dead?

Will there be someone else to take on the role of the narrator for the future episodes?

Season five part one was released on Friday September 3 and consists of five episodes.

The second part of the season is expected to be released on December 32021.

Money Heist is available to watch on Netflix.

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