Dog owner melts hearts after introducing his pet pooch to a cat in ‘pure’ moment

Arguments have spanned through generations on whether dogs or cats are better pets.

Instead of accepting both animals for their unique qualities, many people opt to pick a favourite out of the two.

However, one man has defied the usual myth that canines and felines can’t get along by introducing his pet pooch to the neighbourhood cat.

In a heart warming TikTok captured by @cheyennetylerberry, a man is seen walking his small white dog and is met with a ginger cat placed on a wall.

Sweetly, the man picks up his loyal companion to allow the dog and cat to meet face to face.

At first, the two pets do not seem so sure about one another.

The kind moment was captured on camera

However, with the encouragement from the man, the two pets reach out a paw to one another in a friendly exchange which busts the myth of ill feelings towards the two species.

Before continuing on his dog walk, the man charmingly pets the cat on its head and gives it a loving stroke on its back.

The neighbour who caught the special moment captioned the video: “Caught this pure moment and I haven’t stopped smiling since.”

Man picking up dog to show cat
The dog owner has won the hearts of many

The tear-jerking worthy moment has obviously touched the hearts of many, as the clip has now racked up 1.6 million views and 240,000 likes.

Many dog and cat lovers rushed to the comment section after being touched by the heart warming moment.

One person commented: “You can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way they treat animals. This man here is golden x”

Another user said: “I loved how he thanked the cat at the end. He was showing pup how respect cats…lesson well learned.”

Whilst, a third person admitted: “I am having THE WORST day and this just made me smile.”

Someone else added: “I love seeing little moments like this where they think no one is watching it makes it so raw and heart warming.”

Even pop duo Jedward jumped in and commented: “You see cats and dogs can be friends…World peace.”

That brought a tear to our eyes!

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