Dog owner mortified when pet discovers old sex toy and mistakes it for a stick

Hairdresser Molly Fenton couldn’t believe it when her beloved cocker spaniel Doug dropped a sex toy at her feet, asking to play fetch with it

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Dog tries to play fetch with a sex toy leaving owner shocked


If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know they’ll chew on just about anything. But, that didn’t stop one owner from being absolutely mortified when her excited cocker spaniel discovered a rude item on his morning walk.

Molly Fenton was walking her beloved pooch on Eastney beach, near her home in Portsmouth on September 2, when Doug the cocker dropped his latest discovery at her feet.

The 28-year-old admitted that at first glance it looked as though Doug had simply found a stick to play fetch, but on close inspection she realised the item was ‘flopping’ around. It was, in fact, an old dido, complete with a suction cup on the end.





Doug discovered the rude item on the beach in Portsmouth

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“We were out for his early morning walk and I had just thrown on some clothes and taken him down to the beach by my house. He was running along minding his own business when he found what I thought was a stick,” Molly recalled.

“So I let him carry on with this in his mouth without a care until I noticed it moved a bit, like it was flopping. At first I thought he had a dead animal so I shouted at him to ‘drop that now’ and he thought I was chasing him like it was a game.”

One-year-old Doug only stopped playing as his owner came closer, and he finally dropped the naughty toy, which looked as though it had been burned, at her feet.





Molly thought the pooch had found a stick

@whatdougiedoes/Kennedy News)








He even wanted her to play fetch with it

@whatdougiedoes/Kennedy News)






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“When I realised it was a dildo I just burst out laughing. I was in absolute hysterics at 7.30am and he went to pick it up again to play with it,” Molly continued.

“While I was in floods of tears laughing I had to pick it up in a poo bag to make sure no other dogs could play with it.

“I had to keep it away from Doug as he thought we were playing a game before I found the bin to drop it in. He was definitely disappointed when I binned it.”








The hairdresser revealed Doug is no stranger to picking up strange items on the beach, though, having previously discovered teddy bears and kids’ shoes.

“Doug’s always finding things on his walks, but never anything that rude before,” she said. “As soon as I got Doug home I brushed his teeth, I thought I’m not having that.”

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