Dog owner wows TikTok with living room he specially designed for his dogs and people are pretty jealous
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Dog owner wows TikTok with living room he specially designed for his dogs and people are pretty jealous

Three dogs have certainly landed lucky with their owner after he decided to create a special living room just for them to lounge in – and it looks nicer than some actual human living rooms.

TikToker (@bam12008) has well and truly decked out the space for their three mini wiener dogs named Peaches, Mitzi, and Challa.

In the videos, the three dogs can be seen lounging comfortably on a mini sofa of their own in a room that has carpet, pocket-sized picture hangings and tables, along with some small lamps to provide a cosy vibe for the trio.

The TikToker details that the set-up is “a separate room” and not part of his actual living room as “that would be tacky.”

They’ve even got entertainment in the form of their own tiny 24 inch TV and were captured watching Schitt’s Creek – what else?

During the clip, the dog’s owner comes into frame to provide some context about the size of the furniture within the room (even though the room is actually 10ft x 10 ft), with him towering over the setting while crouching down to check on his three pets.

Since posting about the dog den, the video has received over account has received nearly 1.5M views with thousands of comments from people who were amazed and equally puzzled by the owner’s creation.

One person wrote: “My brain can’t comprehend this.”

“Possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” another person said.

Someone else joked: “Are you sure this isn’t just a regular NYC apartment?”

“I’m pretty sure this just broke my brain, I’ve watched this so many times and I’ve not been right ever since,” a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, some shared their envy for the dogs having a nice living room than them.

One person wrote: “Their living room is more put together than mine.”

“These pets living better than me bro… how much is there [sic] rent?” another person replied.

Someone else said: “How do they have a better living room then [sic] me.”

“Um, can you adopt me? I want that good life too,” a fourth person joked.

Perhaps this TikTok proves there is a market for an interior designer for dogs…

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