Dog the Bounty Hunter Reportedly Preparing to Take Legal Action Against Daughter Bonnie

The feud between Duane “Dog” Chapman and his daughter, Bonnie Chapman, has gotten to a boiling point. After Bonnie and her step-sister, Cecily Chapman, came forward earlier this week alleging they hadn’t been invited to their father’s upcoming wedding to Francie Frane due to their social justice work and support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star is reportedly “preparing to take legal action over the statements” made by Bonnie, Us Weekly reports.

After alleging her father was fired from Unleashed TV, for which she currently films The System, due to homophobic and racist comments, Bonnie went on to accuse Dog of cheating on her late mother Beth Chapman before her death in 2019 due to cancer. “I hated him every time he did it, but I forgave him for that because I wanted a relationship with my dad. I thought I only had one parent left,” she said in a statement. “My mom was a true leader, and believe it or not; she kept my dad focused on his career. We all know of his missteps, but my mom always stood by him.”

Dog told Us of the accusations, “This is exactly why we had to exclude them.” He continued of Bonnie and Cecily, “They’ve fallen in with a bad crowd and are working with the wrong people — I know because I’ve not only had dealings with them, but arrested them myself previously.”

“They’re my daughters and I love them, but they will learn. I’m sad they can’t be a part of the wedding,” he told the outlet, saying it was a shame the two wanted to “bring a cloud over our wedding.” He continued of the planned celebration of his marriage to Frane, “I have a large family and most of them are going to be here for it. I love all my kids and it’s going to be great to have so many people here to celebrate,” adding of the drama surrounding the ceremony, “We’ve spent so long on this to ensure it’s going to be just perfect and believe me, nothing is going to get in the way of us.”

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