Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Tries to Combat Recent Accusations With Video of Him Talking to Fan

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s daughter Lyssa is showing off her father in a different light amid multiple damaging accusations thrown on him by another one of his daughters: Beth Chapman. Lyssa shared a video of the Dog the Bounty Hunter star having a touching interaction with one of his fans. A woman approached the Chapmans at what looks to be a restaurant to tell him and his daughter that she was praying for his late wife Beth as she continued her battle with throat cancer. The moment clearly touched the reality TV star, who can be seen in the video shedding a tear.

“I took this video while dad and I were in LA during Beth’s last throat surgery. A fan came up to us at a diner we ran to grab a bite to eat at,” Lyssa wrote in the caption. “My dad is the sweetest, kindest man. He is the man who cared for his wife with cancer for 3 years. He has gone thru [sic] unimaginable loss and betrayal. But anyone who KNOWS my dad. KNOWS THE TRUTH. Here he is crying with a stranger. This is the man I know. I love you dad!”

Lyssa’s video comes as Dog continues to go through a public feud with his other daughter Beth, who recently accused him of multiple disturbing acts such as cheating on his late wife Beth on a number of occasions. One of the times he cheated, she says, was with her mother’s friend while she was sick in the hospital. “I hated him every time he did it, but I forgave him for that because I wanted a relationship with my dad. I thought I only had one parent left,” she wrote. “My mom was a true leader, and believe it or not; she kept my dad focused on his career. We all know of his missteps, but my mom always stood by him.” Beth also went on to allege that her father was not a supporter of Black Lives Matter or the LGBTQ community but supported QAnon and right-wing conspiracy theorists. The feud allegedly began when she says he took offense at her choice to continue working with Unleashed Entertainment on The System after his firing. The bickering came to a head recently when she admitted she didn’t receive an invitation to his wedding with fiancé Francie Frane.


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