Dog to be millionaire as Playboy star plans to leave pooch her fortune in will

A Playboy star has revealed she is leaving her $2million (£1.47million) US property to her dog because she doesn’t have any children.

Ju Isen says she is currently consulting lawyers to make a will in which she leaves her property to her dog, Francisco.

As well as the apartment, Francisco will also benefit from the 35-year-old Brazilian bombshell’s two cars.

The model says that the money can bring comfort to her dog and to those who take care of him when she is no longer alive.

She commented: “I’ve worked a lot to grow at work, I think there comes a time when we need to think about the future”.

Francisco will also benefit from the 35-year-old Brazilian bombshell’s two cars

When asked if she plans to have children, Ju said it is currently “not the time” for her to have kids.

Ju, who boasts 434,000 followers on Instagram, is often seen posing with Francisco.

The pampered pooch has been seen flying on private jets with her and is often seen wearing stylish outfits.

Ju previously hit headlines back in January after revealing she had spent £219,000 on plastic surgery procedures to become a “new woman”.

Playboy star Ju Isen and dog Francisco on a private jet
Francisco has been known to fly on private jets with Ju

She confessed she’d had about 50 plastic surgery procedures after becoming “addicted” to going under the knife.

peaking about her transformation at the time, Ju said: “I wanted to erase all of my past.

“I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. Now I am a new woman.”

Among the plastic surgeries were four liposuction procedures and three exchanges of silicone prosthesis.

She’s also had facial harmonisation, hyaluronic acid and methacryl in her face, as well as injected fat in her bum and cheek surgery.

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