Dog walker labels farmer ‘Mr Micro Penis’ in furious note over pets on leads

A raging dog walker has labelled a farmer “Mr Micro Penis” in a savage note during a row over keeping pets on leads.

The message to the farmer was pinned to a gate and addressed to the worker at Washlands Farm, believed to be in Essex.

It was found in a plastic folder and fixed to the gate with two green pins.

In the note, it read: “Clearly you have a small penis, this is why you’re trying to be a big bully to locals that walk on public footpaths.

“Dogs do not have to be kept on a lead… I would suggest you should be on one.

“As to the sign to ‘keep out’… you need to go back to school… keeping out implies you are in something… I think you mean ‘keep off’.

“You placed dog faeces on the dog and wrote in pen some disgusting words. No thought to children walking through the gate.”


The dog walker then signed the message off with: “Well Mr Micro Penis… we were here before you and will not be going away.”

It was later posted on Reddit where the note said someone had “tied a load of dog turd bags” to the gate last week.

They said the dog walker wrote a number of similar notes which had also been posted around the Essex village.

The local was slammed by the majority of social media users, with many taking the farmer’s side.

Washlands Farm
It is believed it was addressed to a worker at the Washlands Farm
(Image: Google Maps)

One said: “Whoever wrote this is an absolute idiot if they think it’s acceptable to have their dog off lead on farmland, or that making fun on penis size is humorous in the slightest.”

Another added: “What idiot doesn’t appreciate the countryside code around dogs being on leads on farmland.

“I live in the countryside and locally we have had so many sheep and lambs brutally killed by dogs this year, it’s sickening.”

Meanwhile others took offence to the remark about his private parts as a user wrote: “The whole ‘small penis’ s*** is really wearing on me, I’m seeing it more and more.”


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