Dog’s adorable reaction to owner laying on her bed melts everyone’s hearts

There’s nothing sweeter than your dog showing their love and affection to you.

Whether you’ve just come home from work or their jumping on the sofa to sit next to you, it’s pretty nice.

Now in one clip, a Reddit user has shared the adorable moment a dog reacted to her owner laying on her bed.

And it’s safe to say that it’s got us feeling some kind of way.

In the post, shared by u/finelinexcherry, the clip starts with the dog looking up to her owner.

Then as the woman walks over, she jumps on her and gets ready to welcome her onto her bed.

The owner then lays down and gives her dog a great big hug as she wags her tail in excitement. So cute!

Since it was shared on Reddit, the post already racked up 92,600 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

One user wrote: “I love how stoked she is,” while another added: “My German Shepherd does this every day.

“It really is a beautiful experience.”

A third commented: “It’s very cute.

“I live with a cat, and it would either swipe at me or walk away if I tried something like that while it was resting.”

While a fourth chimed in: “Wow that’s great… a dog lover I like you.”

And a fifth shared: “My dog gives me a big smile and jumps into my arms. I love her dearly.”

It comes after one Reddit user shared her cat’s brutal reaction to telling her good morning.

In the photo, the brown and ginger pet scrunched her eyes as she glared at her owner.

She didn’t look too fazed by the fact that her owner could have been smiling or showing her love.

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