Dolly Parton Fans Lash out at Oprah Winfrey After Invasive Interview Resurfaces

A resurfaced Oprah Winfrey interview has spurred outcry among fans of country icon Dolly Parton. Originally filmed in 2003 but resurfacing on social media over the weekend, the sit-down interview saw Winfrey pushing Parton on her history of plastic surgery and mental health as she asked how Parton was “defying age.” Although Parton reacted with some semblance of humor, having quipped that she’s “a cartoon,” many felt as the interview went on that Winfrey’s probing questions were a bit too invasive.

Although the first clip shared online was somewhat lighter, a second clip from that very same interview proved even more controversial. Still on the topic of plastic surgery, and after Winfrey already pushed Parton to further open up about her decision to go under the knife, Winfrey shifted the discussion to mental health. Winfrey said, “When you hit your 40s, I heard you went into a huge depression.” However, Parton replied with grace, stating, “that wasn’t cause I was 40, that’s just because I was fat and 40. I really had a lot of problems during that time, a lot of female problems. Just hormones and it just wasn’t just a depression thing. Just changing around. But I’m ok now. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me, because it made me take inventory. I’d never slowed up, I’ve been working since I was like 10 years old.”

Although the interview didn’t seem to cause much controversy when it first aired, it has certainly spurred plenty of backlash now as people view it under the lens of 2021, with many deeming Winfrey’s questions invasive and inappropriate. As social media users viewed the clips, many couldn’t help but react in shock and upset. Keep scrolling to see some of the blowback.

“This is so catty and Dolly completely ran that show,” wrote another person. “Oprah’s audience turned on her and she even brought up her mental health to try and take her down a peg and it still didn’t work…”


“As a former huge fan of Oprah, she’s become a ratings hog dedicated to sensationalism. I’m beyond over her,” declared somebody else. “On the other hand, Dolly Parton is pure gold.”


“It feels very manipulative to say live ‘ youve been open about your surgery’ leaves the guest without a way out if they dont want to talk about it,” wrote one. “Id be like I have? and yet Oprah would be all are you saying you havent had any?? RUDE!!”


“Those snide little looks she gives to the audience is like look I’m cornering her…she does this to everyone. She’s is a snide!” added somebody else. “Dolly is pure class, worth a million of her.”


However, not everyone saw the resurfaced interview in a negative light. One person tweeted, “Oprah talked to everyone about mental health and well-being. That was the focus of her show in those years. And the conversation covered things Dolly has stated openly before and after.”


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