Dolly Parton Risking Her Health With Butt Injections?

Is Dolly Parton going ahead with more plastic surgery despite concerns from friends and family? According to one tabloid, the country singer wants to “boost” her “saggy butt” with fat injections. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Dolly Parton Isn’t Happy With Her Body?

“Dolly’s Desire: A Titanic Tush” is the headline the National Enquirer recently published. According to the outlet, Parton “feels it’s time to do something about her droopy derriere!” because she isn’t happy with the way it currently looks. An insider close to the country star admits Parton has had “every surgery known to man” except a Brazilian butt-lift. “The reason she’s so gung-ho over fat injections is that they can last for years, although she hasn’t ruled out butt implants either,” the same source claims. 

Despite Parton’s backside being as “flat as a pancake,” her friends and family are advising against another procedure. Apparently, Parton’s husband of 55 years, Carl Dean, doesn’t share his wife’s enthusiasm for a butt-lift. “Carl thinks Dolly is silly to worry about such things,” the insider reveals. The tabloid even consults a cosmetic surgeon to lay out the risks of such a procedure. They explain such a procedure is common “for young women but not common in women Dolly’s age.” 

Is Dolly Parton Getting More Plastic Surgery? 

Gossip Cop isn’t buying into the National Enquirer’s narrative about Dolly Parton. Yes, Parton has been very open about having previous plastic surgeries. However, it’s almost impossible to believe the singer would put her health at risk just for a surgical procedure. Also, Parton’s husband is infamously very reclusive, so to think this tabloid would have inside details from him just isn’t plausible. 

The magazine even cites a doctor as “proof” Parton is making a big mistake by having plastic surgery. However, the outlet itself admits that the plastic surgeon quoted has never treated Parton before and has no idea whether or not Parton actually is considering the procedure, so what’s the point in having their opinion? Essentially, this is just a distasteful narrative about a country legend that doesn’t seem at all necessary. 

Not The First Rumors

The tabloids are continually dishonest about what’s happening in Parton’s life, which is another reason Gossip Cop is dismissing the plastic surgery rumors. For example, one tabloid alleged Parton was planning to adopt a child at age 75. “She’s keen to adopt a child of her own,” a so-called insider said. The rumor was entirely false, as we previously noted, and just goes to show the lengths a tabloid will go to generate gossip. There are plenty of good true stories about Parton that it shouldn’t be necessary to keep making up false ones.


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