Dominic Cummings roasted after warning Tories are screwing the young – 8 top responses

Dominic Cummings criticised the Tory government over its tax hikes and said they are “screwing the young” but it perfectly backfired – given Cummings advised the same government and helped them reach power.

Writing on his apparent favourite social media platform, Twitter, the former adviser tried to start a rather more cerebral chainmail than we remember from the noughties, urging people to tell their friends about how new tax hikes will “subsidise older richer people” and screw young people.

He said:

But while Cummings appears to have a short memory, the internet does not, and people leaped at the chance to remind him that the government he said was “hapless” was the very same government that he advised from 2019 to 2020. And while apparently disliking the government for “a decade” Cummings also advised one of its ministers, one pro-dancer Michael Gove, from 2007 to 2014.

You get the point.

So, the reactions came rolling in:

This is not the first time Cummings has swapped pulling the strings of power for sniping at the sidelines. In blogs and tweets written in text language, Johnson’s former de facto Chief of Staff has called his old boss “a clown”, savaged Matt Hancock and Sajid Javid and unleashed hell on a number of political commentators and public figures. Every time he does so, he is told to pipe down but it seems no-one – not even his former allies – is safe from his sass.

WIth all of his maddening ‘hot takes’, Dominic Cummings would be better off finally Dominic Going – away from public discourse.

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