Domino’s shares employee’s ‘low-carb pizza’ with WATERMELON crust but fans think it should be ‘illegal’

IT IS undeniable that if you want to be healthier or lose those 15 pounds gained during the pandemic, you might want to cut back on pizza.

Well, Domino’s had a rather interesting idea on how to sell low-carb pizzas: watermelon crust.

Domino’s teased the possibility of a low carb optionCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia

They used a watermelon as the crust


They used a watermelon as the crustCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia

They decorated it like any other pizza


They decorated it like any other pizzaCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia

Taking to their Instagram page, Domino’s shared one of their employees building a pizza on top of a round slice of watermelon after being inspired by a blogger’s recipe.

In the video, one of their chefs sliced up a small watermelon before smothering it with pizza sauce.

The employee then proceeded to sprinkle some cheese on top and further decorated the pizza with plenty of pepperonis.

In the video, they admitted that they were weary of the recipe until they took it out of the oven as the cheese had melted and the pepperonis toasted up a little, giving it a more appetizing look.

The pizza mogul then let one of their other employees try it, where he admitted that it was an acquired taste.

Following the video being uploaded on Instagram, fans were left in an uproar.

One fan, in particular, wrote: “This should be illegal.”

A second begged them to stop and said: “Not watermelon!”

A third commented that they wanted permission to not eat the crust.

However, a few others were on board with adding fruit to the carb-heavy meal with one person saying: “Still feels like a better idea than pineapple on pizza.”

A second one said: “Okay but mango on pizza is a topping no one is ready for.”

And a third said: “I’d try it, looks refreshing.”

The watermelon held up while cooked


The watermelon held up while cookedCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia

One of their employees tried it


One of their employees tried itCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia

They admitted it was acquired taste


They admitted it was acquired tasteCredit: Instagram/Domino’s Australia


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