Domino’s teases low-carb pizza with watermelon base – but fans says it should be ‘illegal’

The fast food chain have taunted takeaway lovers with a healthy take on a pepperoni dish on TikTok, leading followers to declare it ‘worse than pineapples on pizza’

Domino’s teases ‘low carb’ pizza made with watermelon

Le’ts face it: if we’re getting a Domino’s in for the night, watching our waist lines probably isn’t top of the agenda.

But now, the takeaway chain have teased a rather divisive ‘low-carb’ option that could certainly keep the pounds off – a watermelon base pizza.

Sharing the recipe on TikTok and Instagram, Domino’s Australia filmed an employee putting the bizarre creation together, but hardcore fans have moaned it’s “worse than pineapples on pizza”.

The chain got the idea from UK cook Oliver Paterson, whose video of pizza on a watermelon was viewed more than three million times on TikTok.

“Y’all keep asking us for a low carb crust option. When we saw him make a pizza on a watermelon, we had to give it a go. Would you try it?” it said.

Giving it a go, the Domino’s chef slathers a thick slice of watermelon in barbecue sauce, piling grated cheese and pepperoni on top before whacking it in the oven.

Once it’s ready, the toppings look as delicious as ever – but there’s no hiding the fact that you’re chewing on a thick, fruity base.

“This is equally confronting to us but it does look pretty good out of the oven,” Domino’s captioned the video.

“We think it might be an acquired tasted.”

Since sharing the idea, Domino’s video has been viewed more than 380,000 times – with traumatised fans calling it a “war crime”.

“Wtf I am Italian, and this is an insult for us,” one wrote, while another said: “You guys are very strange and weird.”

One woman added: “This should be illegal,” as another pleaded: “Please please stop not watermelon.”

The chain hinted it won’t be troubling menus any time soon, admitting: ‘We think it might be an acquired tasted’

However, there was some support among the thick slice of outrage.

“I’d try it – it looks refreshing,” one commenter said.

One man summed up the mood of many replying: “Still doesn’t sound as bad as pineapple on a pizza.”

In more tragic takeaway news, a woman demanded her money back from McDonald’s after she dropped her meal on the floor on her way home, it has been claimed.

One Mumsnet user wrote: “I was in McDonald’s today and a woman came in to complain to the manager that her food had dropped on the floor yesterday and was demanding her money back, she said it happened on the way home.

“I was amazed someone would actually come back the following day to complain about that, has anyone else heard of a more ridiculous complaint?”

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