Don McLean cuts off daughter’s $3m inheritance

Don McLean has cut off his daughter’s $3 million inheritance.

Don McLean

The ‘American Pie’ hitmaker – whose 31-year-old daughter Jackie has alleged emotional and mental abuse by the singer – admitted he “stopped supporting” her in 2020, and he “disinherited” her following her claims.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: “I stopped supporting my daughter last year. I have a son, you know, who grew up the same way, who thinks I’m a great father and who has none of these complaints.

“But I said to my daughter, ‘If you speak out about me and trash me, I’m going to disinherit you.’ And she did and she’s been automatically disinherited — that’s almost a $3 million trust fund that went down the tubes.

“I’ve always supported my daughter — $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a year, doubling her husband’s salary. I wanted to make sure the grandkids had everything they wanted.”

Five years ago, Don was arrested at the home he shared with his now ex-wife Patrisha Shnier – his second spouse and mother of Jackie and their son Wyatt – and later pleaded guilty to domestic violence, avoiding jail time as part of a plea bargain.

He and his wife – who also alleged financial control during their relationship – divorced after 29 years of marriage, and he has now alleged she was physically abusive to him, which she has denied.

Now, he has moved on with model Paris Dylan – previously his social media manager – and he described her as “the greatest pin-up girl in America”.

He said: “She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs and doesn’t party. She’s completely the opposite of what you might think.

“Yes, she loves to wear bikinis, but I think she’s the greatest pin-up girl in America and I tell her that all the time.

“Of course, it drives my ex-wife and my daughter bananas but I don’t care because they don’t care about me.”

Looking to the future, the 75-year-old star admitted he sees wedding bells in their future.

Asked if they’ll get married, he added: “I think we will. I love her and she’s the one for me.

“I just want to make sure that everything is good with my health because I don’t want her to marry a dead man! But I feel good.”

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