Donna on General Hospital — Everything You Need To Know

Donna on GENERAL HOSPITAL is growing up so fast! The little girl was born on Sept. 30, 2019, and was played by twins Ella and Emma Hulen until April 2020. On Aug. 11, 2021, Donna was seen again, now aged and portrayed by young actress Ava Rose. The character was named in honor of Donna Messina, the head of the GH hair and makeup department who passed away in December 2018.

Donna Corinthos was conceived on New Year’s Eve and Carly Corinthos told Sonny Corinthos about the pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. He became concerned about their unborn child given the issues she has had with previous pregnancies. Things took a turn when Ryan Chamberlain kidnapped Carly and the pregnant woman ended up in an embankment and took a bad fall! Thankfully, Jason Morgan rescued her and took her to the hospital where Carly and the baby were found to be just fine.

GH Carly Sonny Donna
Carly and Sonny were thrilled to welcome a healthy and happy baby girl.Howard Wise/

In June, Carly learned that her unborn child had developed fluid around her spine which could cause serious problems and will require a C-section instead of a regular delivery. Then, in July, Sonny and Carly were told that genetic testing revealed their daughter has Spina Bifida and will need surgery immediately after birth. Carly gave birth and they named the baby girl Donna Courtney (after Sonny’s late sister, Courtney Matthews). The parents were relieved when doctors examined the infant and declared that while she would still require surgery, the Spina Bifida wasn’t as bad as they’d thought.

As an infant, Donna was seen only occasionally, but by August 2021, she’d already grown into a little girl, and in the absence of her real father, had started to call Jason daddy, which made him uncomfortable. Carly and Jason plan to marry to protect the Corinthos family and the kids, including Donna, but that could make things a little confusing for the little girl… especially when she finds out her real father is still alive!

Stay tuned to GH to watch Donna grow up!

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