‘Don’t play me, you did it!’: TikTok shows woman confronting cheating fiance at bar while she sings ‘Say My Name’

A TikTok video of a woman confronting her fiance for allegedly cheating while she sings karaoke has gone viral with more than 285,000 views. Onlooker and user @tiktokero91 posted the video on Monday with the caption: “Went to karaoke last night and some girl caught her fiancé cheating with her friend.”

The video opens with a woman in a bar singing Destiny’s Child “Say My Name.” But what looks like just another singer on the mic soon turns into a musical confrontation.

The woman walks up to her fiance and points at the woman next to him singing. “That’s my friend,” she says. “You had sex with her. Isn’t that right?”

In reaction to her ad-lib song, the woman’s fiance takes a sip of his drink. The friend appears to be laughing as she does the same. 

Stepping back toward the stage, the woman continues to sing the on-the-nose Destiny’s Child song. But she doesn’t make it all the way through. 

“Don’t play me, you did it!” she calls out to her fiance. He points back and forth to the woman, seemingly trying to claim his innocence. 

“Wasn’t I supposed to be the one you married?” the woman demands into the microphone. “You are such a liar!”

She calls out her friend next. “We’ve been friends for so long!”

The video ends with the woman pointing across the room and saying, “Don’t fucking play.”

Commenters were torn: Some believed the video was staged, and others were impressed with the woman’s commitment to the song. “I wouldn’t even make it to the chorus I’d be too busy swinging,” one user said.

“S/O to the DJ for keeping the Music going!” another TikToker applauded.

The Daily Dot reached out to @tiktokero91 for comment via TikTok but did not immediately hear back. 

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2021, 12:52 pm CDT

Landis Wiedner

Landis Wiedner is a Chicago-based writer and editor for Living Well With Epilepsy. She has written for NBCThink, the Independent, Wired and is finishing her funny memoir, “My Brain Tumor’s Boyfriend.”

Landis Wiedner


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