Dorinda Medley Reached Out To Tinsley Mortimer Immediately After Split From Scott Kluth

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

Trust fund darling Tinsley Mortimer left the Real Housewives of New York to follow love.  It was a pivotal moment on the show, a NYC girl looking at the skyscrapers one more time before leaving the city she loves for the man she loved more.  What happened before and after that moment is really what lives on in RHONY history.

Tinsley’s romance with Scott Kluth was a bit of a phantom story line on the show.  They were set up by alum Carole Radziwill and viewers got to see their first date, but he was rarely seen on camera after that.  He was always sending gifts, or making his presence known in other ways but there is more footage of the ladies arguing with Tinsley about Scott, rather than the two lovers together on screen.  The other ladies questioned Scott’s absence in Tinsley’s life.  Dorinda Medley to it to the extreme by mocking Tinsley and badgering her relentlessly.  She demanded that Tinsley be real for the show.  In the end, Tinsley moved to Chicago only to be dumped by Scott, and Dorinda was fired for her aggressive antics.  Not a happy ending for anybody.

However, despite her behavior on the show, Dorinda revealed a softer side for Tinsley while on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.  She was asked to share her reaction to the news that Tinsley and Scott broke off their engagement.

Dorinda replied, “I actually wrote to her right away and I said, ‘listen I’m sorry you’re going through this.’ You know, whatever happens when we’re filming and stuff you know at the end of the day, you don’t people to go through that.”

Dorinda did experience her own heartbreak recently.  She broke it off with long time boyfriend John Mahdessian and suffered the emotional fallout throughout her last season.  It was nice of her to extent an olive branch to Tinsley at a similar time in her life.

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The question is, how did she get through to Tinsley? Last we heard, Tinsley had blocked Dorinda on social media.  At least that’s what Dorinda claimed when she was called out for tagging everyone but Tinsley on a cast photo.  Tinsley denied it, and said it was Dorinda who blocked her.

Well, if there is any truth to what Dorinda told Andy Cohen on this episode, then someone must have opened a channel of communication.  Dorinda said, “but actually I was telling Andy that.  I told Andy that.  I just wrote to her right away and said,’ sorry about that.’ because she believed in that and I think she really hoped it was going to happen.  And what can you say?”

It looks like Dorinda is trying to “make it nice.”  Even if it’s a little too late.

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