Doting dog owner refuses to mow lawn so Chihuahua can peek above the clovers

The clip explains that the owner had thought about mowing the clovers until he realised his pet dog Chihuahua loved them

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Dog loves field of clovers

Most people will do anything for their dogs, even if it means letting their garden get a little messy.

This man has taken this to an extreme by refusing to mow an entire lawn full of clover because of his dog’s love for playing and sitting in the greenery, as shown in this viral TikTok

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @the_greatcanadian, was an instant hit on the video sharing platform, with more than two million views and about 500,000 likes.

At the beginning of the video, viewers are shown the extent of the clover field, with a sweeping show first showing the field from far away then delving in closer into the dense lawn.

The dense field looked tough to tackle

The man explains through captions the lawnmower is still tucked away and that he had planned on mowing the clover this year.

However, he simply couldn’t bring himself to get rid of the field of clover, thanks to his Chihuahua’s love of the greenery.

The camera gets closer to show how thick the clover is



The closing shot of the clip shows his Chihuahua enjoying the soft, natural bed, with her head peeking out above the clovers.

Viewers clearly related to this experience, with one commenting: “Bro you were showing that and I was thinking ‘my chihuahuas would love to run through that’ then you showed yours and my heart exploded.”

The dog had clearly made herself comfortable

Another commenter wrote: “I want to sit and search for four leaf clovers.”

A third added: “What a perfect little baby at the end.”


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