Dr Disrespect claimed Halo Infinite game feels “empty” Due to the Absence of Proximity Chat

After taking part in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer preview event, Dr Disrespect claimed the game feels “empty” due to the absence of proximity chat and urged the developers to add it.

Dr Disrespect has taken an interest in Halo Infinite ever since it was first announced. The tech preview in August 2021 had him “worried.”

However, after getting some “inside information” on the possibility of it having a battle royale mode, he was more optimistic about it.

He took part in the multiplayer preview event to see what all the fuss is about. After playing it for several hours, he had some positive takeaways, but he couldn’t shake off how “empty” it felt due to the lack of proximity chat.

“I mean, when I’m playing it, I got this empty feeling of playing it,” he said.

“There’s like this energy around the game when I’m playing, it’s weird. It just feels like it’s low. Like, the hype, the energy, you don’t feel it, man.”

He claimed that every single lobby “felt dead” to him. To fix that, he suggested it was a “no brainer” for the developers to add proximity chat, and he explained why.

“Proximity chat creates energy around that particular game that you’re playing in.”

The Doc admitted the game “feels good” otherwise.

“I have no problems with the way the game feels,” he said. “Map design, I had no issues with that. I like the three maps that we were playing. Good variation. Both fictionally and spatially.”

Dr Disrespect didn’t want to be too quick to judge the game, though.

He acknowledged that it isn’t finalized yet and told fans he’ll need to see the “entire package” to reach a verdict.

This includes everything from the maps and how they play to what modes are available, how the ranked system works, and more.

Halo Infinite’s release date hasn’t been locked in yet. However, it’s rumored to release on December 8, 2021.


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