Dr Disrespect mocks “weak” Call of Duty Vanguard reveal event: “Is there a next step?”

Dr Disrespect was one of many popular streamers that returned to Warzone for the blockbuster Call of Duty Vanguard reveal event. However, the two-time wasn’t all that thrilled with what he saw during his August 19 stream.

Despite flocking to Apex Legends in recent weeks, many of the biggest gaming personalities were eager to jump back into Warzone for the highly anticipated Vanguard reveal event.

While it lived up to expectations for the likes of TimTheTatman and CouRage to name a few, Dr Disrespect was left wanting more. The limited-time in-game event saw players drop into a unique playlist to destroy a train that runs through Verdansk. After that, everyone in the Warzone lobby was treated to a special ‘first look’ at the Vanguard reveal trailer.

It set the scene for the next CoD game, but overall it was “weak” in the Doc’s eyes.

“Is there a next step?” Dr Disrespect sarcastically questioned upon returning to the main menu. Having blown up the train and watched the Vanguard trailer, Doc was immediately asking his teammates if they were up to “play some Apex” instead.

“I’m blown out of the water,” he continued sarcastically, fighting back laughter. “I just hope whoever worked on the reveal is fully involved in the brand new map.”

While he was quick to move on from the event, the popular YouTube streamer offered some advice as to how he would’ve handled the major CoD spectacle. Rather than a standard trailer, Doc would have preferred a ‘mindblowing’ hands-on session with Vanguard instead.

“How about after you destroy the train, you and your squad are taken to a Vanguard game. Multiplayer, 4v4, competitive settings, it’s Capture the Flag. I mean you talk about blowing people’s minds.” 

Dr Disrespect’s reaction begins at the 1:57:32 mark below.

Even with his fair share of criticisms for the reveal event, it hasn’t quelled his excitement for Vanguard’s eventual release. “I’m looking forward to it,” Doc admitted. “I always look forward to the new CoD every year.”

From new modes to a full-fledged Warzone anticheat, we already have a good idea of what’s coming in Vanguard too; for the full rundown, here’s everything we know about the next CoD title now that the reveal event is behind us.

“I’m looking forward to the map change and the multiplayer,” the star streamer added. “I’d love to see what Sledgehammer Games is gonna do with it.”

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