Dr Disrespect roasts Fortnite; Says he will replace it with his own game

Since confirming his own game studio, Dr. Disrespect has continued to criticize titles like Call of Duty and Apex Legends – but his comments on Fortnite are equal parts brutal and hilarious.While the Doc can be considered a master at battle royale games like CoD, Apex Legends, and PUBG, his talents don’t stop there. Showing his interest in game design, he helped design a Rogue Company map and showed interest in working with Valorant.

To show off his skills, DrDisrespect has started his own game development company. Since the announcement of this game studio, the Doc has continued to drop hints about what his first game could be.

On a September 2 stream on YouTube, the Two-Time champion hinted at his ideas… but not without taking a jab at Fortnite.

Dr. Disrespect roasts Fortnite

“I’m sick and tired of it,” the Doc began his roast. “You built a simple game mechanic on an engine that can do anything.”

Referencing the huge budget and team that Epic Games has dedicated to the development of Fortnite, the leader of the Champions Club implied that his studio may be significantly smaller.

“It’s Cartoony; it’s flimsy, it’s fluffy,” he said. “Where’s my shooter, man? Where’s my next dimensional shooter with new mechanics and a narrative, competitive multiplayer world that picks you up and shoots you out if you don’t have the guts?”

(Clip starts at 43:10 in the video)

While we can’t be certain that Dr Disrespect just described the idea that he has for his first game, it sure appears to be that could be the case.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon from the Two-Time champion regarding his future game development.

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