Dr Pimple Popper bursts huge chest cyst viewers reckon is full of ‘custard’

Dr Pimple Popper had viewers squirming when she burst a cyst that oozed out liquid viewers reckoned was “custard”.

In a video she uploaded on her @drpimplepopperTikTok channel on October 10, the dermatologist is removing a whopping cyst from a man’s chest.

Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, starts by cleaning the skin and making an incision in the lump.

Unfortunately, the cyst won’t go without a fight, quickly leaking out the liquid in a fountain of yellow goo.

Dr Lee intended to pull out the cyst sac whole but realises she must squeeze out all of the remaining fluid and it’s a very messy job.

The dermatologist removed the pus-filled cyst

She wipes away the pus with medical gauze and continues to squeeze until she’s gone through several pieces.

Eventually, she has drained enough of the cyst for the sac to be removed to stop it from coming back again.

The clip was watched more than 800,000 times on the video-sharing app and people felt an odd mix of disgust and fascination.

One viewer commented: “I know we’re trying not to pop the cyst but I’m so glad you did.”

The sight was not a pleasant one
The sight was not a pleasant one

“It looks like custard,” said a second person, putting many people off their pudding.

A third shared: “My brother had one like this and they stuffed it with gauze until it healed.”

Someone else commented: “I’m regretting watching this channel after going through all of it.”

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper teased her fans with footage of a giant cyst and asked them to guess what is inside – with many unprepared for the carnage it unleashed.

It was round and swollen with a tiny hole in the top and ended up oozing out porridge-like gunk.

She joked in the caption: “Kristi my MA said it looks like oatmeal, what do you think?”

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