Dr Pimple Popper bursts out laughing when ‘farting’ cyst makes rude noise

Dr Pimple Popper laughed when a cyst made a rude “farting” noise – as seen in some footage she recently shared with fans.

In a clip from her @drpimplepopperTikTok account on Wednesday (October 13) the dermatologist is treating a patient with a suspiciously large bump on his shoulder, bigger than a golf ball.

Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, reckons the bump is a lipoma that is full of fat rather than a messy, pus-filled cyst.

She admits she is not 100% sure and puts on her splash guard, just in case.

Dr Lee puts a needle in the patient and tells him: “I feel safer about numbing you up here without it getting us but I’m still going to put my mask on because you never know.”

Dr Pimple Popper examines the cyst

“It’s when you don’t have it that you regret it,” she adds

Dr Lee makes a tiny incision in the bump and is immediately proved right as yellow fluid comes rushing out.

It makes a wet farting sound as the liquid oozes out and the dermatologist says: “Get me a basin please.”

The cyst then floods into a metal basin and is a lumpy mixture of grey sludge and blood.

She jokes it looks like porridge and quips: “We just need some brown sugar or something, some cinnamon.”

Dr Pimple Popper catches the cyst pus in a basin
Dr Pimple Popper catches the cyst pus in a basin

The patient laughs at the joke and Dr Lee then gets to work cutting out the cyst’s sac so it will not fill up again.

At this point, there is a loud squelching noise.

“Oh excuse you,” says Dr Lee. “That was you. That was a cyst poot.”

She explains: “A cyst poot is sometimes when you remove contents from the skin and the skin is a little bit floppy it can make noises.”

Dr Lee later admits: “The reason I thought it was a lipoma was because I could not imagine a cyst being that big and on his shoulder.”

The video was watched 6 million times and thousands of people commented, with many taken aback by the “poot” noise.

One user commented: “His arm farted.”

“Nah it’s the squishy sounds that are killing me,” confessed a second viewer.

Someone else said: “Throwing up right now but I can’t look away.”

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