Dr Pimple Popper tackles nightmare cyst as man’s ‘third eye’ squirts pus on wall

Dr Pimple Popper dealt with a challenging cyst that viewers reckon looked like an “eyeball” when it sprayed brown pus all over the clinic walls.

In a video, posted on her @drpimplepopperTikTok account on Saturday (September 18) she shows a huge bump on a patient’s head that has been sliced open.

The area around the cyst has been numbed with local anesthetic and the medic, real name Sandra Lee MD, starts to squeeze when the unthinkable happens.

A jet of brown liquid shoots out of the hole and narrowly misses Dr Lee, making contact with the wall.

The medic and her assistants laugh in shock as they examine the giant splatter mark on the pristine white walls of the operating room, with Dr Lee quickly checking none of the foul liquid got on her clothing.

The cyst before it was opened up and popped

“Watch closely it’s a subtle one,” she joked in the caption.

Since it was uploaded, the gross but fascinating video has been watched more than 1.5 million times and thousands of people have “liked” and commented on it.

One person quipped: “She just popped the third eye out of his head.”

“It looks like an eye what the heck,” said a second person.

Someone else commented: “Omg I freaking jumped when it shot across the room.”

The cyst left a splatter mark on the wall
The cyst left a splatter mark on the wall

Another user suggested: “You should have a canvas on the wall and create wall art for them to take.”

“Why does it look like diarrhoea?” asked a viewer who seemed a bit disturbed by the brown colour of the liquid that burst out of the cyst.

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper got very excited over a cyst she said looked like a “rose” when it burst in a swirling pattern.

In another recent clip, the medic squeezed out a blackhead so huge she joked it was like a “pothole”.


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