Dr Pimple Popper takes tweezers to stubborn cyst that is ‘resisting arrest’

Dr Pimple Popper had to bust a stubborn zit that her fans joked was “resisting arrest”.

In one of the latest TikTok videos uploaded to her @drpimplepopper account, Dr Sandra Lee dons her white gloves and starts squeezing multiple bumps on a patient’s face.

One by one, the cysts give up and release a hot burst of yellow pus just like fresh spaghetti.

Dr Lee carefully wipes away the pus with a towel each time before moving onto her next target.

But the final zit refuses to submit and Dr Pimple Popper has to resort to using her tweezers and pulling it out from the pore like it’s a weed with a juicy taproot.

Gripping the end of the yellow gunk, she wiggles her tool around and finally, when she has a firm purchase, she is able to tug it out and leave the skin looking much smoother as a result.

Since Dr Pimple Popper uploaded the clip on Thursday (August 19) it has been watched more than half a million times and people admitted they found it an addictive, but slightly disgusting, watch.

“That last one was resisting arrest,” joked one of the viewers after watching Dr Lee finally extract it with the tweezers.

The last pop in the video won't go down without a fight
The last pop in the video won’t go down without a fight
(Image: TikTok / @drpimplepopper)

A second viewer commented: “Why is is it stretchy?”

“The last one was satisfying as heck,” said a third.

“I forgot to go to bed because I was watching these videos until 7am,” confessed another one of Dr Lee’s “popaholics”.

Meanwhile, other users suggested the pus was very similar to certain condiments you can put in a sandwich.

One joked: “Mmm yellow mustard my favourite.”

“Looked like the spray cheese you buy at the store,” quipped a second.

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper fans found themselves squirming when the medic was confronted with a “banana flavour” cyst explosion.

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