‘Dr Quinn’ Star Jane Seymour welcomed her twin boys at the ripe age of 44

Jane Seymour welcomed her twin boys at the ripe age of 44 in addition to her two other kids. Her twins are all grown up now, and they look more like her than they do with each other — meet them.

Jane Seymour nearly died while giving birth to her twin boys, but as far as the talented actress is concerned, the end result definitely justifies the turbulent means.

Seymour, who has been featured in famous Hollywood movies like “Live and Let Die” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” has been an actress longer than she has been a mother, but she knows which role she enjoys the most.

She is regarded as a superwoman because Seymour somehow managed to excel at parenting while her career peaked. Here are a few things to note about her journey as a mother.


Seymour first had her taste of motherhood in 1982 when she was married to her first husband, British businessman David Flynn.

The two got married in 1981, and the following year, they expanded their family with the birth of their oldest child Katherine Flynn. Their second child together, Sean Flynn, was born in 1985.

He was the last child they had together because, in 1992, the two went their separate ways. After the divorce, the talented actress moved on with fellow actor James Keach.

The two tied the knot in 1993, and they welcomed twin sons, John Stacy Keach and Kristopher Steven Keach, in 1995. It was not an easy feat because Seymour was already in her 40s at the time.

Perhaps she would have passed on the opportunity in hindsight; however, Keach had never been opportune enough to raise his kids, and Seymour thought it was the only thing she could “give him back,” so she tried to get pregnant.

Her attempts were sometimes successful, however, and she often lost the pregnancy at some point until she got lucky. According to what Seymour said when she appeared on an episode of “Loose Women,” doctors warned her that there would be complications since she was already past 40.

Seymour hardly paid attention to the warnings, perhaps because she felt that the biggest hurdle was getting conception and carrying the baby to term — she was wrong, and she almost died because of it.

The twins were conceived via IVF, and Seymour was well informed that it would most likely be multiple births. What she did not expect was to be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure, which usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure had been normal.

It can lead to serious, sometimes even fatal, complications for both the mother and the baby. Yet for some reason, Seymour was not diagnosed with it until late in her pregnancy. Luckily for her, the babies arrived six weeks early, so she was given an emergency C–section.

For good reasons, Seymour and Keach decided to forgo having any more children, and in 2015, after more than two decades of marriage, they got a divorce.


Seymour’s kids are all grown up now, which gives her even more autonomy over her career. Not that her job ever stopped her from being the kind of mother she wanted to be.

Years after the affairs, Seymour can hardly think of what she did wrong — except being a working mother. 

The famous actress who has also written some bestsellers, including “Among Angels,” has always been very candid about her life as a mom.

She prides herself on always having her priorities straight. It helped her in the past while she juggled her high-end career with the demands of motherhood.

The first rule? No matter what she was working on, her kids came first. She had to turn down some great projects because they would take her away from her kids, but she has never regretted those decisions. Second rule? Where she went, her kids followed.

“I took my children with me all over the world and I did turn down once in a while some films where I felt I couldn’t bring my kids with me because it wasn’t safe or it just wouldn’t work out,” she told Kidspot.

Seymour believes she could have done more movies if she had been able to ditch her kids and travel for long periods, but it just wasn’t an attractive option.

She also credits her children for being such well-behaved kids. They hardly caused her trouble, and they all grew up to follow different creative careers.


Seymour’s twins were cute as kids, and that hasn’t changed now that they’re adults. One of them, John, has taken an interest in entertainment.

He made his acting debut when he appeared in the 2006 film “Blind Dating.” He shares a close bond with Seymour and the several red carpet appearances the two have made over the years are testament to that fact.

In an Instagram post she shared in November 2020, she revealed that they had spent a lot of time “getting to know each other as adults” while doing things they both enjoy, including filming, painting, and going on road trips.

John also enjoys making music which his mom enjoys. He stays out of the spotlight for the most part, but fans may see more of him as he progresses in his career.

His twin brother, Kristopher, is similar to him in that he also flies under the public radar. Pictures of him have been seen on mom’s Instagram page but hardly beyond there.

In her November post, Seymour described him as a hardworking man who chose the path of education rather than going into entertainment. He has an MBA and is also married to a beautiful woman named Miso.

At the time of the post, Kristopher was working as an assistant for his mother, who praised him for doing a “brilliant job cataloging and archiving moments from our lives.”


Seymour has been to the altar four times. Aside from David Flynn and James Keach, she was also married to Michael Attenborough, the son of Richard Attenborough, between 1971 and 1973, then Geoffrey Planer from 1977 till 1978.

She believes her failed marriages were not her fault, but it took her some time to reach a conclusion. Years after the affairs, Seymour can hardly think of what she did wrong — except being a working mother.

According to Seymour, she never ended any of her marriages; the men did — “by finding other people.” It was not easy dealing with each aftermath, but Seymour survived by learning to let go and settling for the good memories.


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