Drake criticised for declaring himself a ‘lesbian’ in song on new album

Drake has dropped his sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy on Friday (September 3), but there is one particular lyric from a track that some people are having problems with.

From the third track titled “Girls Want Girls” featuring fellow rapper DaBaby, it’s not too hard to guess the song’s content as Drake raps about being a lesbian during the three-minute song.

A few lines from the song include: “please bring your girlfriend along with you” and: “She like eating p***y, I’m like, ‘Me too.,” and puzzled fans again with the chorus line: “Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too / Ayy, girls want girls where I’m from / Wait, woah, yeah, girls want girls.”

It’s left fans guessing what the lyrics mean, with some thinking it’s referring to women leaving their boyfriends for women or while others believe the track has more problematic connotations and believe Drake is sexualising and fetishising queer women from the male perspective.

Fans of the 34-year-old took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the song’s lyrical content and it’s safe to say some were not impressed.

Meanwhile, many accused Drake of “fetishising lesbians” on the track and shared their anger at the song’s subject matter.

Elsewhere, others decided to poke fun at his admission and some even included his infamous cardigan mirror selfie.

Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s latest album, following 2018’s Scorpion and includes 21 tracks with features from Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Young Thug and more.

In the bio for the album on Apple Music, he gave an insight into what his album is about and described it as “a combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth which is inevitably heartbreaking.”

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