Dream takes over Twitter after teasing new song with Alec Benjamin

Popular YouTuber and Minecraft SMP overlord ‘Dream’ is teaming up with American singer-songwriter Alex Benjamin for an upcoming track – and Twitter is  blowing up in anticipation.

With over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, the mysterious Minecraft content creator, Dream, is a huge figure for the space and has been making a ton of appearances outside of his normal channels.

While there’s still plenty of people someday hoping for a full face reveal, the YouTuber hasn’t had a problem landing parts in major collaborations like Bella Poarch’s INFERNO music video.

Still, Dream is aiming higher than ever with his next collaboration – and, by the sound of it, is going to play a bigger part than just a cameo.

Alec Benjamin featuring Dream in ‘Change My Clothes’

The next big collab Dream fans are going to be looking out for will be a feature with Alec Benjamin on the upcoming single ‘Change My Clothes.’

The two teased not only the song, but possibly a music video that is going to show Dream in the flesh – while staying on brand and covering his face, of course.

Even though there’s some snippets of the track out there already, people can’t wait to listen to the completed song in a few days.

‘Change My Clothes’ release

Alec Benjamin and Dream will release their ‘Change My Clothes’ single on Friday, August 20, the artist announced on Twitter.

Alongside the release reveal was an image of Alec and the mysterious YouTuber wearing a sharp tuxedo suit with another hair reveal that sent Dream fans to the moon.

There’s been a ton of reactions spanning Instagram, Twitter and more, as social media hordes are chiming in on the upcoming release.

It won’t be long now until we get to hear, and see, what the two have been cooking up, which will undoubtedly keep the Dream stan collectives raving for weeks.

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