Drew And Liesl Are In The Cassadine Castle? Who Will Save Them?

General Hospital viewers know that Victor Cassadine is back in Port Charles. And it looks like he is pulling off some of the tricks he has up his sleeves. We know that he is holding Liesl Obrecht hostage. But, General Hospital spoilers hint that he might be the person keeping Drew hostage too.

So, where could he be keeping the two of them? The speculation has it that Victor might be holding the two of them in the Cassadine Castle on Cassadine Island. Could that be possible after all? Here is everything to know. 

Liesl And Drew Are Missing

General Hospital viewers would recall that Liesl was on her way to St. Lucia for some non-existent conference, but then she was kidnapped. When she woke up, she seemed to be in a castle. Many observant GH viewers have pointed out towards the frame of the door that seemed wooden and from a place like a castle.

GH viewers would also recall that the Wyndemere Castle is on Spoon Island that is outside of Port Charles. Then there is also Cassadine Castle that is in Greece. It is the same castle where Nikolas lived until he was sixteen. So, could Victor be holding Liesl in the Cassadine Castle? There have been speculations that Liesl is in Greece. So, could this be it? It looks like so. 

General Hospital

More speculations hint that Victor might also be holding Drew, Chloe Jennings,

and another person hostage. General Hospital has been establishing that Drew is in a foreign prison. Could that be a dungeon in the Cassadine Castle in Greece? That would make a lot of sense indeed. Valentin used to live in that castle, but it has been some since he relocated to Port Charles. So, could Victor have taken over that? It makes sense that Victor might have not only taken over the castle but also be holding Drew and Liesl there. 

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General Hospital: How Will The Mystery Get Solved?

While it is completely possible that Victor might be behind all this chaos, we know that it will get solved sooner or later. But the question is, who will solve it? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Valentin and Anna are already trying to solve a number of mysteries. While they are still searching for Peter, Anna is now also involved in the Drew Cain case. So, it is possible that Anna, Valentin, Sam, and Dante might find their way to Greece soon.

General Hospital

Celebratingthesoaps.com suggests that they might also come to know that Victor had orchestrated Drew’s plane crash all those years ago, and they might reach Cassadine Castle. Valentin might prove to be instrumental in all of this. Will they find out the truth soon? We will have to wait to know. Tvseasonspoilers.com is your one-stop for all the soap-related info. So, keep an eye on this space. 


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