Drew Barrymore ‘Can’t Stand’ Winona Ryder Because Of Fling With Tom Green?

Are Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder stuck in a decades-long quarrel? According to one outlet, Barrymore and Ryder have bad blood after the Stranger Things star had a fling with Barrymore’s ex-husband, Tom Green. Gossip Cop conducted an in-depth search to find out if the rumor is, in fact, true. 

Drew Barrymore And Winona Ryder Can’t Stand Each Other?

According to New Idea, Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder have been at each other’s throats since rising to fame in the ’90s. The outlet alleges Barrymore and Ryder were often after the same roles, as both were the “it girls of the ’90s.” The fact that the two were always in constant competition for acting gigs led to them “never really” becoming friends, an insider says. 

The already tense relationship between the two only got worse when Ryder “got cozy” with Barrymore’s ex-husband Green. Even though Barrymore and Green were only married for less than a year, the actress was “unhappy” he moved on with her arch-rival seven years after the divorce. “Drew’s still possessive about Tom, or at least about their brief time together,” the source reveals. It appears this strife isn’t ending anytime soon, as the insider leaks Barrymore refuses to have Ryder as a guest on her new talk show. “Drew could never pretend to like her,” the tipster says. 

Are Winona Ryder And Drew Barrymore Feuding? 

So are New Idea‘s claims correct when it says Ryder and Barrymore have been trapped in a feud since the ’90s? Of course not. First off, there’s no confirmation of a fling between Ryder and Green — at best, all we could find was that they seemed to have dinner at the same place at one point a few decades ago. There’s also no history of any bad blood or possessive behavior between Barrymore and Green. The magazine pulled this story out of thin air, and Gossip Cop considers it utterly false. 

A History Of Problems With Drew Barrymore

Another reason Gossip Cop refuses to give this Ryder-Barrymore feud narrative any credit is based on New Idea‘s unreliable history. In 2020, the tabloid claimed Barrymore had been feuding with Ellen DeGeneres for years. Apparently, when Barrymore and DeGeneres worked on the show First Dates, they “feuded over the creative direction of the show.” An insider revealed that DeGeneres even called Barrymore “fat” when she was pregnant. The narrative was false, as Barrymore appeared on DeGeneres’ show multiple times and the two are in fact friends.  

New Idea also incorrectly reported that Barrymore and Tom Cruise were “set to become Hollywood’s newest golden couple” once they went public. An insider claimed both Barrymore and Cruise were attracted to one another and that “a lot of people think they’re a great match.” Again, the story was simply a juicy piece of gossip with no truth to back it up. 


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